Audition Information for SMHS Fall Radio Play Series


Welcome back everyone to another year of theater at South Milwaukee High School. Obviously, this year is going to look quite a bit different than a normal year, due to the situation we’re in with the pandemic. But, the live radio play format will allow us to be safe, conduct most rehearsals virtually, and still have some in-person performances to share with each other. I think this is going to be a really fun series, and I’m looking forward to working with three casts this fall.

The three productions we are putting on are as follows:

  • October 16-17: Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play. A set of three classic Alfred Hitchcock stories of murder, suspense and horror. 
  • November 13-14: An Evening With Sherlock Holmes: A Live Radio Play. A set of three classic Holmes and Watson short stories.
  • December (dates still to be finalized, either first or second weekend): It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play. A radio play based on the classic Frank Capra holiday film.

Each radio play will feature small casts, with most actors playing multiple (in some cases, many) characters. True to radio play format, lines will not be memorized, and there will be no blocking: there will be standing microphones, and stands from which you can read off your scripts.

However, because you will be playing multiple characters, all actors must be comfortable creating those characters with only their voices. This means we will be working a lot on different accents, vocal inflections, ages, character types, etc. 


You may be cast in one radio play or multiple, depending on your preferences, the quality of your audition and the need/availability of parts for each production.

I expect a cast of 6-8 for Vintage Hitchcock, 7-8 for Sherlock Holmes and 9-10 for It’s a Wonderful Life.

Principal roles for each production are as follows, but remember that everyone involved in each radio play will be relied upon heavily for large numbers of lines and various different characters.

Vintage Hitchcock

An Announcer (M or F) will serve as the primary narrator for all three stories)

In “The Lodger”

  • Ellen Bunting (F), an average housewife, runs the lodge with Robert
  • Robert Bunting (M), runs the lodge with Ellen
  • Mr. Sleuth (M), a mysterious visitor
  • Other roles including Daisy Bunting, newsboy, coroner, ticket seller, Mr. Cannot, and other random characters

In “Sabotage”

  • Ted Spencer (M), an undercover detective
  • Winnie Verloc (F), an american and the wife of Mr. Verloc
  • Carl Anton Verloc (M), a mysterious foreigner
  • Many other roles of varying sizes, including large supporting roles

In “The 39 Steps:

  • Annabella (F), a woman being pursued
  • Pamela (F), who ends up accompanying Hannay
  • Richard Hannay (M), a Canadian who falls into a conspiracy
  • Many other roles of varying sizes, including large supporting roles

An Evening With Sherlock Holmes

Our host (M or F) for the evening will help introduce each of the three stories, along with Dr. Watson)

  • Sherlock Holmes (M or F), the classic heady, quick-witted inspector.
  • Dr. Watson (M or F), Holmes’s faithful companion, and the narrator for the tales
  • Many other roles of varying sizes, including large supporting roles

It’s a Wonderful Life

  • George Bailey (M), one of the classic heroes of Golden Age Hollywood
  • Mary Hatch (F), George’s wife
  • Clarence (M), George’s guardian angel
  • Mr. Potter (M), the main antagonist of the story, a greedy and ruthless landlord
  • Many other roles of varying sizes, including large supporting roles


Auditions: Signup and Info

Auditions will occur on Tuesday, September 8th beginning at 3 PM. Each person auditioning must fill out THIS SIGNUP FORM to get an audition time.

Auditions for this series will be performed virtually via Zoom. When you sign up for an audition, you will later receive a confirmation email, assigning you a timeslot, which will be roughly when you can expect to sign in.

When you sign in to your Zoom session, you will be placed in a waiting room. When it is your turn to come in for your audition, you will be brought into the session.

Audition materials are now available. Each person auditioning must select any three of the provided selections to showcase character range. Auditions do not need to be memorized, as performances will be not be memorized. You may be asked on the spot to perform more selections, but you only need to come prepared for three.

CLICK HERE for audition selections and instructions.


Because there are so many different roles to cast across three different productions, casting may take a bit longer than usual. Follow our Instagram ( and Facebook ( and you will see an update go live with posted cast lists as soon as they’re available. The full list, with full instructions for cast meetings and rehearsals, will be posted on our website, We hope to have a full cast list up and available within 24 hours after auditions.


To start, rehearsals will be primarily virtual. Expect a Zoom meeting with all three casts and the full crew to begin on Thursday, September 10 at 3 PM. 

All rehearsals will begin promptly at 3 PM. Rehearsal schedules will vary for each cast. More information about scheduling to come. 

When in-person rehearsals occur, we will have significant safety measures in place. We will distribute our detailed safety plan to all cast and crew involved in the production after auditions.


There will be crew work for these productions. All people wishing to be members of the crew should also fill out the form linked above, and you will receive information about the first meeting we have scheduled for Thursday, September 10.