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Announcing the High School Musical Cast Last!

Hello everyone,

Thanks once again to the many, many folks who came out to audition for HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. It’s thrilling to have a big group of excited people who are ready to jump on stage. I’m really excited about the group we have to work with and I hope you’re all excited to get started.

As with any cast list there are always going to be people who are excited or disappointed. But I can promise you that everyone is going to get a chance to shine in this production and we’re going to have an outrageously fun time.

Note there will be a FULL CAST AND CREW MEETING after school in the PAC on Monday, January 3, when you will receive a lot of introductory information. Cast can also expect an email within the next day with information about joining our HSM slack channel and other startup information.

Without further ado, here is the cast of South Milwaukee High School’s production of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL.


Troy Bolton: Jimmie Kirksey
Gabriella Montez: Beverly Osunkwo
Sharpay Evans: Kal Knight
Ryan Evans: Jesse Guardiola
Taylor McKessie: Afnan Al-Shargabi
Chad Danforth: Daylan Bramer
Zeke Baylor: Lucas Trejo
Ms. Darbus: Emily Frost
Kelsi Neilsen: Annalese Wenthur
Coach Bolton: Cody Post
Jack Scott: Aiden Janusz
Martha Cox: Laura Farias
Ripper: Spencer Henry
Mongo: Andrew Arias
Susan: Raven Schreiber
Cathy: Auriahna Torres
Alan: Skyler Anshus
Cyndra: Shyann McIntosh
Kratnoff: Tessa McGrath

JOCKS (Ensemble)
Troy (Jimmie Kirksey)
Chad (Dylan Bramer)
Zeke (Lucas Trejo)
Lily Nadolny
Taiz Elena
Angie Bellart
Natalie Westbrook
Madison Staszak
Fredrika Shields

THESPIANS (Ensemble)
Sharpay (Kal Knight)
Ryan (Jesse Guardiola)
Kelsi (Annalese Wenthur)
Raven Schreiber
Skyler Anshus
Shyann McIntosh
Auriahna Torres
Esme Tomaszewski
Ariella Sinkey

SKATERS (Ensemble)
Mongo (Andrew Arias)
Ripper (Spencer Henry)
Alex Llanas
August Vugrinovich
Kayla See
Kimberlie Saldana
Krystal Alvarez

BRAINIACS (Ensemble)
Gabriella (Beverly Osunkwo)
Taylor (Afnan Al-Shargabi)
Jack Scott (Aiden Janusz)
Kratnoff (Tessa McGrath)
Shelby Erickson-Stiemke
June Lesinski
Aerynne Wilke
Daizah Doll
Graciela Martinez

Callback list for HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL

Hi folks!

It was so wonderful to see so many faces (new and familiar) at auditions today. I’m very excited to see what happens at callbacks tomorrow!

As I mentioned before auditions today, the majority of people who auditioned are not called back, and that’s okay; people not called back are still in consideration for ensemble roles or other smaller roles for which we didn’t need to do callbacks.

Callbacks will begin after school. Meet in the choir room. Callback materials are IN THIS GOOGLE FOLDER, but you can also pick up paper copies from Mr. Bossert in the choir room during the school day.

Thanks once again to all who auditioned. Break legs tomorrow!



Materials: “The Start of Something New,” “What I’ve Been Looking For (Reprise)”,

Jesse Guardiola
Jimmie Kirksey
Lucas Trejo

Materials: “The Start of Something New,” “What I’ve Been Looking For (Reprise),” Gabriella and Taylor lines

Laura Farias
Shyann McIntosh
Beverly Osunkwo
Natalie Westbrook

Materials: “What I’ve Been Looking For,” Zeke and Sharpay lines, Sharpay and Ryan lines

Laura Farias
Kal Knight
Raven Schreiber

Materials: “What I’ve Been Looking For,” Sharpay and Ryan lines

Jesse Guardiola
Aiden Janusz

Materials: “Stick to the Status Quo,” Gabriella and Taylor lines, Taylor and Chad lines

Afnan Al-Sharbagi
Emily Frost
Tessa McGrath
Aerynne Wilke

Materials: “Stick to the Status Quo,” Zeke and Sharpay lines, Chad and Taylor lines

Daylan Bramer
Jimmie Kirksey
Lucas Trejo

Materials: Ms. Darbus lines, Ms. Darbus and Coach Bolton lines

Emily Frost
Raven Schreiber
Aerynne Wilke

Materials: Ms. Darbus and Coach Bolton lines

Daylan Bramer
Spencer Henry
Cody Post

Materials: Kelsi lines

Afnan Al-Shargabi
Shelby Erickson-Stiemke
Emily Frost
Spencer Henry
Tessa McGrath
Annalese Wenthur

Materials: Jack Scott lines

Aiden Janusz
Cody Post

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