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Announcing the Cast of SMHS’s RADIUM GIRLS

It was a great thrill to see so many new faces at auditions today for our fall production of Radium Girls!

The strong turnout made the casting process even more difficult than usual. For those who were not cast, please consider coming back to audition for our musical, The Sound of Music, in December. Whereas this cast is just 12, that one will be at least 30, with plenty of opportunities for people of all theatrical skill levels.

There will be a meeting for the full cast and crew of Radium Girls TOMORROW (Tuesday the 13th) after school in the PAC. For crew, expect it to go until around 4 or 4:30. For cast, we will use the entire traditional rehearsal time with dismissal around 5:00 p.m.

Without further ado, here is the cast of Radium Girls by D.W. Gregory.


GRACE FRYER…………………………………………………………………………………………………..Sabrina Fajardo

ARTHUR ROEDER……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Sam Gomez

KATHRYN/SHOPGIRL/HARRIET………………………………………………………………………………..Emily Frost

IRENE/MISS WILEY………………………………………………………………………………………Afnan Al-Shargabi



SOB SISTER/CLERK…………………………………………………………………………………………..Karma Johnson



CHARLIE LEE/MALE SHOPPER/FLINN…………………………………………………………..Lucas Trejo

REPORTER/DR. KNEF/PHOTOGRAPHER……………………………………………….Nathaniel Paff


Audition Announcement for You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown

Information and Casting for You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!

A fundraiser for South Milwaukee High School Theatre

Alumni and supporters of South Milwaukee High School Theatre are pleased to present You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown! January 13-15 at the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center.

This production marks the third annual alumni and community fundraiser production for SMHS Theatre (Silent Sky, 2021; Rumors, 2022). Over the last couple years we have raised more than $2,000 for our theatre program with these productions despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are hoping to more than double that total with this production. We have been grateful to have the support and sponsorship of the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Council for our productions so far.

This year for the first time we are holding open auditions for the production for all six roles in the show. In addition, casting will not just be limited to SMHS alumni: it will also be open to current and former SMHS staff and South Milwaukee community members. 

The purpose of these audition requirements is to make this as much of a community and SMHS showcase as possible to celebrate the performing arts in South Milwaukee and shine a light on the importance of theatre and performing arts in our schools and community.

Below you will find audition information and instructions for this production. If you are interested in volunteering for the production in any other capacity (set construction/painting, costuming, technical elements, concessions, music), or have any other questions, please contact SMHS Theatre director Tim Backes at


When: Saturday, August 20th, 10 a.m. to noon

Where: South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center (enter door 9, staff parking lot)

Eligibility: Anyone auditioning for the production must be:

  • A South Milwaukee High School alumnus, OR
  • A current or former SDSM staff member, OR
  • An adult resident of South Milwaukee

Preparation: To sign up for an audition, email indicating your interest and you will receive an assigned timeslot for the audition day.

Please prepare a one-minute cut of a song of your choice in the style of the show. If you are having a hard time finding a song, you may also choose one of the audition options located in this Google folder. An accompanist will be provided.

Applications for the production are also available in the above folder. Please bring a prepared copy with you to your audition.

Callbacks: Some auditionees may be asked to perform an on-the-spot callback using one of the audition options placed in the above Google folder.

Video submissions: If you are unable to make the in-person audition date, you can instead submit a video audition. Please do so by 10 a.m. on August 20th and submit via email to


The following are the roles available for this production. Actors can be any age/race/ethnicity.

CHARLIE BROWN (m) – The main protagonist. Always tries to do his best, succeed and be kind to others, but often fails miserably in his pursuits. A frequent target of taunts from his peers, but also the subject of much affection.

SNOOPY (m/f) – Charlie Brown’s loyal dog with a vivid imagination and a ton of energy.

LUCY (f) – Charlie Brown’s brash and assertive friend. Offers psychiatric advice for just 5 cents. Frequently taunts and insults Charlie Brown but also occasionally shows empathy and kindness. Has a crush on Schroeder.

LINUS (m) – Lucy’s younger brother. Constantly attached to his blanket. Charlie Brown’s closest friend and confidant who frequently waxes philosophical.

SALLY (f) – Charlie Brown’s younger sister. Unlike Charlie Brown, she’s extremely confident and self-assured and lets nothing get in the way of her own success.

SCHROEDER (m) – Obsessed with Beethoven and classical music. Plays the piano (a miniature toy piano). The subject of Lucy’s infatuation.

Announcing the High School Musical Cast Last!

Hello everyone,

Thanks once again to the many, many folks who came out to audition for HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. It’s thrilling to have a big group of excited people who are ready to jump on stage. I’m really excited about the group we have to work with and I hope you’re all excited to get started.

As with any cast list there are always going to be people who are excited or disappointed. But I can promise you that everyone is going to get a chance to shine in this production and we’re going to have an outrageously fun time.

Note there will be a FULL CAST AND CREW MEETING after school in the PAC on Monday, January 3, when you will receive a lot of introductory information. Cast can also expect an email within the next day with information about joining our HSM slack channel and other startup information.

Without further ado, here is the cast of South Milwaukee High School’s production of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL.


Troy Bolton: Jimmie Kirksey
Gabriella Montez: Beverly Osunkwo
Sharpay Evans: Kal Knight
Ryan Evans: Jesse Guardiola
Taylor McKessie: Afnan Al-Shargabi
Chad Danforth: Daylan Bramer
Zeke Baylor: Lucas Trejo
Ms. Darbus: Emily Frost
Kelsi Neilsen: Annalese Wenthur
Coach Bolton: Cody Post
Jack Scott: Aiden Janusz
Martha Cox: Laura Farias
Ripper: Spencer Henry
Mongo: Andrew Arias
Susan: Raven Schreiber
Cathy: Auriahna Torres
Alan: Skyler Anshus
Cyndra: Shyann McIntosh
Kratnoff: Tessa McGrath

JOCKS (Ensemble)
Troy (Jimmie Kirksey)
Chad (Dylan Bramer)
Zeke (Lucas Trejo)
Lily Nadolny
Taiz Elena
Angie Bellart
Natalie Westbrook
Madison Staszak
Fredrika Shields

THESPIANS (Ensemble)
Sharpay (Kal Knight)
Ryan (Jesse Guardiola)
Kelsi (Annalese Wenthur)
Raven Schreiber
Skyler Anshus
Shyann McIntosh
Auriahna Torres
Esme Tomaszewski
Ariella Sinkey

SKATERS (Ensemble)
Mongo (Andrew Arias)
Ripper (Spencer Henry)
Alex Llanas
August Vugrinovich
Kayla See
Kimberlie Saldana
Krystal Alvarez

BRAINIACS (Ensemble)
Gabriella (Beverly Osunkwo)
Taylor (Afnan Al-Shargabi)
Jack Scott (Aiden Janusz)
Kratnoff (Tessa McGrath)
Shelby Erickson-Stiemke
June Lesinski
Aerynne Wilke
Daizah Doll
Graciela Martinez

Callback list for HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL

Hi folks!

It was so wonderful to see so many faces (new and familiar) at auditions today. I’m very excited to see what happens at callbacks tomorrow!

As I mentioned before auditions today, the majority of people who auditioned are not called back, and that’s okay; people not called back are still in consideration for ensemble roles or other smaller roles for which we didn’t need to do callbacks.

Callbacks will begin after school. Meet in the choir room. Callback materials are IN THIS GOOGLE FOLDER, but you can also pick up paper copies from Mr. Bossert in the choir room during the school day.

Thanks once again to all who auditioned. Break legs tomorrow!



Materials: “The Start of Something New,” “What I’ve Been Looking For (Reprise)”,

Jesse Guardiola
Jimmie Kirksey
Lucas Trejo

Materials: “The Start of Something New,” “What I’ve Been Looking For (Reprise),” Gabriella and Taylor lines

Laura Farias
Shyann McIntosh
Beverly Osunkwo
Natalie Westbrook

Materials: “What I’ve Been Looking For,” Zeke and Sharpay lines, Sharpay and Ryan lines

Laura Farias
Kal Knight
Raven Schreiber

Materials: “What I’ve Been Looking For,” Sharpay and Ryan lines

Jesse Guardiola
Aiden Janusz

Materials: “Stick to the Status Quo,” Gabriella and Taylor lines, Taylor and Chad lines

Afnan Al-Sharbagi
Emily Frost
Tessa McGrath
Aerynne Wilke

Materials: “Stick to the Status Quo,” Zeke and Sharpay lines, Chad and Taylor lines

Daylan Bramer
Jimmie Kirksey
Lucas Trejo

Materials: Ms. Darbus lines, Ms. Darbus and Coach Bolton lines

Emily Frost
Raven Schreiber
Aerynne Wilke

Materials: Ms. Darbus and Coach Bolton lines

Daylan Bramer
Spencer Henry
Cody Post

Materials: Kelsi lines

Afnan Al-Shargabi
Shelby Erickson-Stiemke
Emily Frost
Spencer Henry
Tessa McGrath
Annalese Wenthur

Materials: Jack Scott lines

Aiden Janusz
Cody Post

Announcing the Cast of HARVEY at SMHS

Thanks to everyone who auditioned for HARVEY today!

Reminder that ALL cast members and anyone interested in joining crew is called for our informational meeting Tuesday the 14th after school in the PAC. We will do a PAC safety seminar (required), and discuss everything you need to know about the show. Crew will get a tour of the facility and discuss roles and responsibilities as well as everything that will be need to be done this fall.

For anyone not cast or anyone else thinking about getting involved, please remember we will have a VERY large cast for High School Musical this spring, and I encourage you to get involved.



Veta Simmons: Kal Knight
Myrtle Mae Simmons: Shyann McIntosh
Elwood P. Dowd: Cody Post
Nurse Ruth Kelly: Raven Schreiber
Dr. Lyman Sanderson: Lucas Trejo
Dr. Chumley: Aiden Janusz
Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet: Emily Frost
Judge Gaffney: Afnan Al-Shargabi
Wilson: Skylar Karr
Betty Chumley/Miss Johnson: Aurianna Torres
Cab Driver: Annalese Wenthur

Announcing the Cast of FLY BY NIGHT


We had a wonderful set of auditions over the last couple days. While we wish we could be doing a 30-40 person musical like we normally would, we’re grateful for the opportunity to do even a smaller show, one that I think is going to be really outstanding.

Below is the cast list for FLY BY NIGHT. There will be a full cast and crew meeting on Tuesday the 13th at 3 PM in the PAC to go over logistics for the show. Crew, this is when your applications will be due. There will be additional applications available if you do not already have one printed and turned in.

In addition, cast can expect to receive an invite to the Slack channel we will be using for the show via email within the next day at the email address you provided on your application. For those who have not been in one of our shows before, Slack is a messaging app that makes communication for show-related matters much easier. I highly recommend downloading it and making sure you have notifications on.

If you have any questions or do not accept your role, please email, otherwise I will assume you have accepted your role and will see you on Tuesday!



Narrator/Gypsy/Father: JP McCown
Harold McClam: Alex Trevithick
Daphne: Eva Menzia
Miriam: Afnan Al-Shargabi
Joey Storms: Eli Lindner
Crabble: Nathan Kujawa
Mr. McClam: Lucas Trejo


Beverly Osunkwo (+Producer)
Emily Frost (+Pawn Shop Owner)
Kaylyn Hipsley (+Ticket Seller)
Raven Schreiber (+Miriam’s Boss)
Shelby Morgan (+Mother)
Shyann McIntosh (+Emcee)
Skylar Karr (+Driver)
Skyler Heinz (+Daphne’s Boss)


Callback List for FLY BY NIGHT

Hey everyone, many thanks to those who came out and auditioned today! I felt like we had a really strong set of auditions–exceeded my expectations and made me even more excited for this show.

Callback list is below. Callbacks will begin at approximately 3:15 after school in the PAC. We will work through each set of roles one at a time, giving you an opportunity to work on the materials before each set of auditions.

Here is a link to the callback materials. Physical copies will be available tomorrow.

Reminder: a callback is no guarantee of a casting, and no callback is not a guarantee of not being cast. The cast list will be posted on Thursday evening sometime after 7:00 PM. Check the instagram at for updates as well.




Alex Trevithick
Eli Lindner
Emily Frost
JP McCown
Kaylyn Hipsley


Alex Trevithick
Eli Lindner


Emily Frost
Eva Menzia
Raven Schreiber
Shyann McIntosh


Afnan Al-Shargabi
Beverly Osunkwo
Eva Menzia
Kaylyn Hipsley
Skyler Heinz


JP McCown
Nathan Kujawa
Shelby Morgan


Eli Lindner
Lucas Trejo
Nathan Kujawa
JP McCown


Afnan Al-Shargabi
Eli Lindner
Emily Frost
Kaylyn Hipsley
Nathan Kujawa
Shelby Morgan

Announcing the Cast List for 33 VARIATIONS

It was great to be back in the PAC today to hold auditions for 33 Variations!

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. Cast list is below.

There is a cast and crew meeting at 3 PM tomorrow in the PAC, but depending on how much snow we get, that meeting may be held over Zoom. Keep an eye on the Instagram stories for our page,, with information about whether that rehearsal will happen in person or virtually.

Expect a cast email tonight, and invitations to our Slack channel.

Crew, we’ll get you on Slack as well once all applications are in after the Tuesday meeting (some of you are already in).

CAST (in order of appearance)

CLARA BRANDT — Kaylyn Hipsley
MIKE — Eli Lindner

PIANO ACCOMPANISTS– Mr. Noah Bossert, Tessa McGrath

Introducing ENOUGH: Plays Against Gun Violence

Quick hits: 

-ENOUGH: Plays against Gun Violence reading on December 14th at 7:30 in the PAC
-Free admission, but donations to Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort (WAVE) graciously accepted
Participation signup link for students HERE


We’re smack in the middle of our fall radio play series, and our second of three radio plays, An Evening With Sherlock Holmes, is just a week away. But we’ve got another project coming up this December that we are very much looking forward to!

The project is called ENOUGH: Plays Against Gun Violence. It’s an initiative started by South Milwaukee theater alumnus Michael Cotey, who now works in the midwest (based out of Chicago) as a highly talented theater director and artist.

Here’s some information about the mission of the organization, from its website:

#ENOUGH: Plays to End Gun Violence calls on teens to confront gun violence by creating new works of theatre that will spark critical conversations and incite meaningful action in communities across the country. Our mission is to promote playwriting as a tool for self-expression and social change, harnessing this generation’s spirit of activism and providing a platform for America’s playwrights of tomorrow to discover and develop their voices today.

From Michael:

I launched #ENOUGH in 2019 shortly after the consecutive mass shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH. By then I had already witnessed a powerful youth movement emerge shortly after the senseless shooting in Parkland, FL the year prior. March for Our Lives, Students Demand Action and other activist groups were organized, passionate, and rightfully angry. Young people took to the streets (and continue to do so) to manifest the change they wanted to see in the world while policymakers continuously failed to rise to the challenge.

I was inspired. The purpose of #ENOUGH became clear: lend our stages to amplify this growing voice so that it continues to be heard. 

The “meaningful action” our Thespians have chosen to take with this project is to accept donations for the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort (WAVE), a statewide grassroots organization dedicated to preventing gun violence, injuries and deaths through education and advocacy.

The event we’re hosting is on Monday, December 14th at 7 PM in the PAC. Admission is free, but donations to WAVE will be accepted at the door.

The evening will feature readings of seven 10-minute plays written by the winning high school students of a national play-writing competition. These readings are directed by Thespian students Alex Trevithick, Kal Knight, Kaylyn Hipsley, Nathan Kujawa, Shelby Morgan and Shyann McIntosh.

Each of the plays focuses on different experiences with gun violence, primarily in schools, and how that violence affects different communities and demographics.

Below is a quick overview of the short plays we will be presenting.

We hope you will join us on the evening of December 14th for this special event!

MS. MARTIN’S MALAISE By Adelaide Fisher
Ms. Martin is an ordinary high school teacher, trying to deal with the everyday stress and worrying ‘what-ifs’ of 21st century teaching. But when her worst fears come true, and she is forced to make a difficult decision and an even more difficult confrontation, what will she do? And how will she move forward from it?
Directed by Nathan Kujawa

During a recess like any other, Lilah Gordon and her best friend/imaginary dragon, Toucan, set off on a special adventure to help Lilah earn dragon wings of her own. But things go awry when a mysterious noise from her nearby school compels the duo to embark on the biggest quest they have ever encountered.
Directed by Shyann McIntosh

TOGETHA By Azya Lyons 
Imani, Aiyanna, Chayenne, and Aaliyah have just graduated high school and are celebrating at a party in their honor. All seems to be going well until a fatal incident happens, leaving the remaining girls reeling.
Directed by Kal Knight

MALCOLM By Debkanya Mitra 
Four individuals tell the story of Malcolm, a Black folk musician whose quest through the Eastern Seaboard to find himself was violently interrupted, painting an evocative picture of the connection shared among strangers through a single life.
Directed by Kaylyn Hipsley

GHOST GUN By Olivia Ridley 
Propelled by the urgency of his own decay and desperate to be heard, BLACK BOY delivers his “villain’s monologue” – a parting speech typically delivered to a hero before their death – to his audience held at gunpoint.

HULLABALOO By Sarah Schecter
In this re-imagining of Buffalo Bill’s storytelling and P.T. Barnum’s grandeur, a ringleader explores the fusion of American myth and gun culture through four acts of an incredible spectacle – and a show gone terribly wrong.
Directed by Shelby Morgan

LOADED LANGUAGE  By Elizabeth Shannon 
When a rumor about a school shooter begins to circulate, Kiersa and her friends must decide what they should do to protect their classmates before it is too late.
Directed by Alex Trevithick


Announcing the Casts of Our Fall 2020 Radio Play Series

Thank you to the students who came out for something completely new and auditioned (virtually) for our Radio Play Series for this fall.

Below is the cast list for all of our radio play productions. Please look through carefully; if you do NOT wish to accept your role, please email

Otherwise, if you accept your role, you can attend our first informational meeting as a full cast and crew coming on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 at 3 PM. Please keep an eye on your email addresses over the next day or so and you will receive information about the Zoom meeting. You will also receive an email invite to our Slack channel, which is important for communication about all things related to the show.

Thanks once again, and congrats to the cast(s)!



As announced and narrated by ANNALESE WENTHUR

The Lodger

ALEX TREVITHICK as Mr. Sleuth/Mr. Cannot
SHYANN MCINTOSH as Daisy/Newsboy/Woman
SABRINA FAJARDO as Coroner/Ticket Seller


KAL KNIGHT as Winnie
CAMILLA DEFORD as Verlock/Hollingshead
NATHAN KUJAWA as Power Plant Phone Operator 1/Patron 1/Vladimir/The Professor/Officer
ELI LINDNER as Stevie/Talbot/Man 1 at Power Plant/Patron 2
SHELBY MORGAN as Power Plant Phone Operator 2/Renee/Waitress/Salesperson/Woman With Puppy on Bus
SABRINA FAJARDO as Patron 3/Mrs. Jones/Ted’s Boss/Unsatisfied Female Customer/Bus Collector/Newsboy

The 39 Steps

ELI LINDNER as Richard Hannay
KAL KNIGHT as Annabella/Inkeeper/Usherette
ALEX TREVITHICK as Mr. Memory/Police 1/George the Butler/Alfred
CAMILLA DEFORD as Manager/Man 2 on the Aberdeen Express/Police 2/Professor Bartlett
NATHAN KUJAWA as Man 2 at Music Hall/Conductor/Man 1 on the Aberdeen Express/Driver/Joe/Detective
SHELBY MORGAN as Man 1 at music hall/Woman at Music Hall/Cigarette Girl, Ticket merchant Newsboy/Waitress


Starring KAYLYN HIPSLEY as Sherlock Holmes and ELI LINDNER as Dr. John Watson

The Musgrave Ritual

JP MCCOWN as Musgrave
ETHAN DEIBERT as Brunton/Alfred/Man

The Case of the Dead Adventuress

JP MCCOWN as Charel
KAL KNIGHT as Madame Yvette Corvey
EMILY FROST as the Prefect
ALEX TREVITHICK as Duc/Henri/Gendarmes

The Adventure of the Tolling Bell

KAL KNIGHT as Mrs. Michol
EMILY LESINSKI as Mary/Lakland

IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE: December 11-12

Starring ALEX TREVITHICK as George Bailey
and EVA MENZIA as Mary Hatch


JP MCCOWN as Mr. Potter, and Gower/Harry/Schultz/Man at Martini’s Bar/Mr. Welch
NATHAN KUJAWA as Clarence, and Ernie/Charlie/Horace/Tommy


ELI LINDNER as Billy/Old Man Collins/Bert/Sam/Man in run on bank/Nick
CAMILLA DEFORD as Joseph/Peter/Ed/Martini/Bridge Keeper/Sheriff
GRACIELA MARTINEZ as Pete/Violet/Young Violet/Ruth/Mrs. Hatch/cop
MORGAN KLOSIEWSKI as ZuZu/Dr. Campbell/Mrs. Rose Bailey/Binky
TESSA MCGRATH: Matilda/Sadie/Janie/Mrs. Thompson

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